Sonoma Valley Olive Festival votes Lodestar Farms “Best Olive Oil” for Third Consecutive Year

OROVILLE, CALIF. – (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) – Among some of California’s finest producers of extra virgin olive oil, Lodestar Farms has claimed the prized title of People’s Choice for the “Favorite Olive Oil” award from the Sonoma Valley Olive Festival -- for the third year in a row.

“To our family farm, it feels like we have just won an Olympic Gold Medal!” said Jamie Johansson, owner and farmer for Lodestar Farms, “This award is another testimony to our farm’s commitment to producing a quality California olive oil with a true California flavor, we are honored that the people have chosen us for a third time.”

Johansson says the flavor of Lodestar Olive Oil is what sets his products apart from other California olive oil producers. Lodestar Farms has aspired to create an extra virgin olive oil with a fruitier, buttery flavor, a traditional California flavor that has been produced in the Oroville region for more than 100 years.

"As a long time producer of California Olive Oil, Lodestar Farms has been a strong supporter of the Sonoma Valley Olive Festival since its inception. They have consistently produced a great product, farm their own olives, and have a great story behind their brand," said Wendy Peterson, executive Director of the Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau.

Considering himself a “farmer first,” Johansson first started making California olive oil in 1993. The inspiration for his olive oil was the unique history of the Mission olives in Oroville, which is located approximately one hour north of Sacramento. The history dates back to 1898, when Freda Ehmann, known as the “Mother of the California Olive Industry” started California’s first commercial olive production in Oroville.

Today, 75 percent of the Mission olives are grown in Oroville. There are more than 2,500 acres of olives in Butte County, and of those, 90 percent are Mission olives. Oroville is considered California’s only olive oil province, as it is the only region in the state with a history of consistently producing the same style of olive oil.

Lodestar Farms also produces a lemon olive oil, which is made by crushing fresh lemons from Santa Barbara with olives from Oroville. Once again, Johansson has looked to set his product apart from other California products.

“We are the only California Lemon Olive Oil that highlights two California farms. We crush our olives with fresh Meyer and Eureka lemons; we don’t use any infusions or artificial lemon flavoring. We work with a farm from the Santa Barbara area that grows lemons and we grow the olives, which controls our quality. The difference is in the taste of the product.” he says.

Lodestar Farms is also a 6-time medal winner at the Los Angeles county fair, winning Gold Medals for its Late Harvested Mission Olive Oil and for packaging and design.

Lodestar Farms product line includes:

Lodestar Traditional Late-Harvest Olive Oil: A provincial olive oil. Olives cultivated for Lodestar Traditional Late-Harvest are harvested and pressed later in the season to create an oil with a fruitier, more buttery flavor. Its taste is unique to California and signature to the region's Mission olives. Perfect for everyday cooking and for use as a finishing oil. Available in 250 ml. and 500 ml. bottles.

Lodestar Lemon Olive Oil: Lodestar Lemon Olive Oil is produced by pressing Lodestar’s Mission Olives with a blend of California-grown Eureka and Meyer Lemons from the Shore Family Farm in the hills above Santa Barbara. The Shore Family’s Farm is located in an area that is as well known for its lemons as Oroville is for Mission Olives. Lodestar Lemon Olive Oil is the only California Olive Oil that highlights two family farms. An excellent complement to fish, poultry and vegetable dishes. Available in 250 ml. bottles.

Suggested retail prices range from $9.99 - $16.99 for 250 ml. bottle of Traditional Late-Harvest blend. Lodestar Olive Oil is available in local retail outlets throughout Northern California and online at For more information on Lodestar Farms, visit or call 530-534-OLIV (6548).

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