Lodestar California Olive Oil Arrives in Denver -- Direct From the Farm

OROVILLE, CA (Aug. 19, 2002) -- Many Coloradoans anticipate the seasonal arrival of peaches from Palisades, Colo., sweet corn from Broomfield, Colo. and Rocky Ford cantaloupes as highlights of Colorado’s finest fresh fruits and produce. Lodestar Farms is proud to add Lodestar Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the growing list of farm fresh products available at specialty stores in the Denver Metro Area.

Gourmet shoppers can now enjoy direct-from-the-farm quality with Lodestar Olive Oil, featured at Tony’s Meats and Specialty Foods in Littleton, Colo. and Marczyk Fine Foods in downtown Denver.

Colorado is Lodestar Farm’s first venture outside of California. Owner/Farmer Jamie Johansson has strong ties to the state, he studied during his undergraduate years at Colorado State University and his grandfather led the construction team that built the Denver Tech Center and Keystone Resort. “Colorado fostered my love of agriculture and being outdoors,” says Johansson, “While California is where I farm my olives, I have no doubt our olive oil will serve as a great compliment to Colorado’s rich agricultural traditions.”

While the majority of California olive oils have patterned their style after the Italians, Lodestar has committed to producing a true California flavor. Lodestar Olive Oil is pressed from Mission olives, the traditional California olive since 1796. The Lodestar family farm is located in a Mediterranean-like climate that allows for a later harvest than anywhere else in California. Olives harvested later in the season when the crop is fully ripe produce a more buttery flavored oil. Many say they can taste the flavor of fruit and nuts when they experience Lodestar Olive Oil.

Johansson is quick to point out the best uses for his product, “Consumers should view olive oil much like vinegar, they might use 3 or 4 different styles, depending on the dish they’re preparing. Extra Virgin olive oil of Lodestar’s quality should be used for its flavor, it’s great for dipping, salad dressings and as a finishing oil for meats and pastas.”

Lodestar Farms is enthusiastic about introducing a true California olive oil to Coloradoans, and is proud of their ability to insure the quality of the fruit from tree to table. Lodestar handpicks gourmet-minded stores that are interested in dealing direct with the farmer and is committed to developing a personal relationship with customers. Stores that carry the Lodestar brand are interested in educating their customers about where their food is coming from and interacting direct with the farm.

The California Olive Oil Council (COOC) certifies Lodestar Olive Oil as “Extra Virgin.” The Seal of the COOC ensures consumers that the quality and taste of this olive oil has met International “Extra Virgin” standards.

Lodestar Farms product line currently includes:

Lodestar Traditional Late Harvest: A provincial olive oil. Olives cultivated for Lodestar Traditional Late Harvest are harvested and pressed later in the season to create an oil with a sweeter, more buttery flavor. Its taste is unique to California and signature to the region’s Mission Olives.

Lodestar Lemon Infused Olive Oil: New for 2002!Lodestar Lemon Infused Olive Oil is a combination of late harvested Mission olives and citrus from Eureka lemons. The true lemon taste of this lemon infused olive oil is the perfect enhancement for seafood and poultry.

Suggested retail prices range from $9.99 – $25.99. Lodestar Olive Oil is available in local retail outlets throughout Northern California and Denver. For more information on Lodestar Farms Olive Oil, visit www.lodestarfarms.com or call 530-534-OLIV (6548).