Soil, Climate and Knowledge have produced world class olives at Lodestar Farms. Passion has brought a world class olive oil.

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The true farming experience is the pride we take investing every resource we have, time, energy and spirit, into cultivating a crop that brings as much enjoyment to the consumer as we took in harvesting it. Lodestar olive oil is created with absolute dedication to producing a distinct flavor that highlights not only a 100 year tradition but leaves a signature experience found only in California's Sierra Nevada Foothills.

For those...who insist that quality olive oil comes only from Italy, Greece or Spain, we have a pleasant surprise. Some wonderfully elegant olive oil is being produced right here in the United States, in our Golden State of California.

- Christopher Sprague, Rhode Island Gourmet

The Olive Branch Ranch in Oroville, California envisioned the creation of Lodestar Olive Oil. Having been successful in farming olives for the table olive industry and new olive oil companies throughout California, the Johansson family watched in amazement as others discovered California olive oil for the first time. While companies rushed to copy European style oils, Lodestar committed to producing a true California style olive oil from olives they knew could hold their own against the world's best. Instead of imitating other oils, Lodestar is proud to share the best California has to offer.

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